Horizontal Pumps for Filter Press

A Special pump designed for heavy duty, highly reliable and suitable to convey abrasive and high-density slurries to the filter presses.

Specific Characteristics

  • Casing of cost iron divided into two halves with protective coating in our special antiwear pressed compound, which consists of interchangeable and outside-adjustable shells (EIR patent) both to allow a fast and convenient replacement and to restore eventual clearances caused by normal wear.
  • Impeller will be open-type anticlogging consisting of a steel core covered with a special Antiabrasive compound.
  • Suction actuated-inflow that can be oriented of 90 to 90 degrees and housed behind in the junction spider.
  • Seal group consisting of a tungsten carbide double mechanical seal drained with water and protected by pressurized barrage chamber with constant-pressure grease.