Prima : The Supergrit

Special Charactristics

MELTING: Starting from steel scrap selected to EAF, a second treatment of clearing by the method foaming slag” is added to the standard manufacture of the liquid steel.

GRANULATION: Liquid steels subdivision in several flows allows to get primary spheres at high density characterized by a minor oxidation exposure.

QUENCHING: Continues ovens with electronic management of the thermic curve at controlled atmosphere, fixes a complete hardening even in the heart of the sphere, by a balanced cooling cycle based on the granules dimension.

CRUSHING: The round shots are not crushed anymore, but they explode according to preferential directions eliminating the residual fragility point and granting the best cutting power to edges in addition to the grains solidity.

SIEVING: The use of longitudinal screens (and not circular) on which nylon thread cloths are installed, assures a final selection with extremely reduced tolerance.

STRESS RELIEVING: The thermic bend fixed for each granulometry establishes the perfection in the treatment planning.

PACKAGING: The introduction of a manual stage in the automatized cycle, allows a better control on the quality of the packing of every single pallet.

PROCESS CONTROL: Its redefinition got along with the renewal of quality certification according to ISO 9002 standards (obtained in 1997), guarantees the compliance with the procedures and tracking of the final product origins.

mm. % % % % %
1,7 max. 20        
2,0 min. 80 min. 20      
1,2 min. 99 min. 80 max. 20    
1,0 100 min. 99 min. 80 max. 20  
0,8   100 min. 99 min. 80 max. 20
0,7     100 min. 99 min. 80
0,6       100 min. 99
0,5         100
MICROSTRUCTURE Fine and homogeneous martensite
CHEMICAL ANALYS C > 0,9% P < 0,035% S < 0,035%

Granitium: The Premiumgrit

The premium product for cutting the granite industry.

The Granitium is a new range of steel shot specifically powered to optimize granite cutting performance. It is an angular shot high performance, providing customers with the following benefits:

Granitium benefits:

  • Optimum performances in the Gangsaw cutting process
  • The most Consistent product with remarkable reduction of variation between individual batches.
  • Improvement in economic result of the overall sawing process.
  • The best cutting performance, the highest quality of the slabs and at the lowest cost.
  • Stability of the mixture and saving of energy.
Product Name Granitium
Product Code GU25 GU18
Hardness > 760 Hv
  Test Granite < 0.24 gr / mm
  Density 7.5 mini
Granitium Chemical composition C≥0.85% - Si≥0.4% - 0.6% ≤Mn≤1.2% - S≤0.05% - P < 0.05%
Technical sheet Form Angular

Optimum performance in the gangsaw cutting process

  • Increased cutting speed.
  • Improved quality of granite slabs.
  • Reduce consumption of steel grit per sqm.
  • Improved consistency and stability of the cutting operation

All of these have a direct impact on the cost of the cutting process. The Granitium is a new family of specially developed steel shot granite to optimize cutting performance. The product combined with technical assistance in implementation gives the customer real added value.