Contouring and milling machine with 5 or more interpolated axis.


Smart bridge for cutting & shaping jobs.

BRIMA is a family of CNC machines for milling and shaping with up to 4 interpolated axis.


Portal CNC contouring & milling

IDEMA guarantees excellent working lengths whilst maintaining the minimum overall dimensions of the machine.


Compact workstation milling & contouring CNC compact form


Water jet marble & stone cutting pressure.

AXQUA is used for carrying out flat cuts via the use of a special pump which ejects a jet of water mixed with an abrasive at high pressure.


Hydraulic lathes 2 - 3 axes CNC machine

They are suitable for producing cylindrical or conical columns or with a cross section made up of curves or lines.


Polisher for balustrades and turned valves

LUXOR is a patented innovative machine that is ideal for polishing turned marble and granite objects.


Automatic polishing single head and CNC contouring machine.

A cnc polishing machine with fast and automatic polishing plates changing.


High production slab cutting line

Hyper is a cnc cutting line with 11 axes suitable for cutting: rectangles, triangles and complex polygons.