Granite tie-rods

Granite tie-rods are distinguished in 3 different kinds:

  • Standard tie-rods
  • Productive tie-rods
  • Single plate tie-rods

Standard tie-rods

We generally refer to this type of tie-rods as the common ones installed on hydraulic granite tensioners. These tie-rods could be for minimum 8mm, 10mm, 15mm or 20mm cut.

Productive tie-rods

These tie-rods made with a special fusion of the blade fixing and the blade hole is off-centered the new with respect to the axis of the plate allows a steady contact between the tie-rods and the gang-saw frame plate, resulting in reduction of the stresses caused by the stokes between the tie-rods and the frame plate themselves. This means longer life of the tie-rods and a little increase of the downfeed. In fact, these are the tie-rods for the new generation.

Single plate tie-rods

The use of the single plate avoids the usual deposit of the slurry between the two plates which because of oxidation results in increased volume and opening of the two plates reducing the tie-rods life.