Lantapowder (Crystallizer In Powder)

LANTAPOWDER is a high performance polishing powder of new generation. It works making a reaction with marble surfaces, giving a strong and longer lasting brightness. If LANTAPOWDER is used after traditional honing or the use of LANTAPADS, the polishing level achieved will be definitely improved. We suggest to make a little test before proceeding with the use of LANTAPOWDER, in order to check consumption and dosages.

On a well clean and dry surface apply approx.30-50 gr of product/square mt, and then soak with water to obtain a milky consistency. Put the polishing machine disk on the obtained solution and polish a few meters at a time for about 10 minutes. Remove the product and, if necessary, repeat the operation to achieve the desired polishing level. Do not let the product dry on the surface.

PACKING: It is available in KG1 & KG 5 packing.

Tin Oxide Polishing powder marble

Sh 100 (Crystallizer In Liquid)

The crystallizer for marble gives a mirror gloss on floors in marble, terrazzo and similar stones. SH100 has a "glass" effect; therefore it removes the stone's unstable and restores them with the compounds of its special formula, its wax produces a durable final polish.

Our SH100 is highly appreciated for its excellent reaction time and absence of opacity and yellowing, even a long time after application. SH100 is ready for use as supplied. Clean the surface to be treated carefully and distribute SH100, evenly using a spray tool. Then use a single – brush (approx.40 kg), from 1.7hp to 170rev.p.min; using fine steel wool discs; it is recommended to treat small surfaces at a time, max 4sqm each time.

PACKING: Available in LT1 packing. Packed in box containing 12pcs.

Tin Oxide Polishing powder granite

Polishing Powder

These polishing powders contain abrasives and chemicals and in particular Tin Oxide that reacts with the granite /marble surface to create a deep shine and bring out the natural colour and beauty of stone.

PACKING: Available in KG 20 and KG 1.

Polishing Powder